Legalsounds Download Manager

Legalsounds Download Manager

An application that will help you download the songs you buy from Legalsounds
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For those of you who don’t know it yet, Legalsounds is a website specialized in selling music online. However, to be able to listen to the melodies that you buy, you will need a tool to help you download them. Legalsounds Music Downloader is the solution that you require.

As its name shows, Legalsounds Music Downloader will help you download the music that you buy from the Leagasounds webpage. You will have to log-in using your account and the program will instantly start copying your songs.

A thing that I actually like about this program is that it allows you to navigate through the entire Legalsounds site, directly from its interface. With Legalsounds Music Downloader you will be able to browse through the available albums, manage your account and much more.

Another big advantage comes from being able to determine the maximum number of simultaneous downloads that are allowed. Furthermore, Legalsounds Music Downloader lets you pause and resume your downloads, so that you will not need to start over in case something unforeseen comes up.

The only problem that I encountered while testing Legalsounds Music Downloader is that it doesn’t allow you to fully resize its window. Its width cannot be smaller than approximately 1035 pixels, so if you have a small screen, using this program can be a bit problematic.

In conclusion, Legalsounds Music Downloader is a program that I actually liked. The application does its job well and offers a user-friendly interface, so I’m fairly certain that the Legalsounds website users while be quite happy with this tool.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • It lets you determine the number of simultaneous download.
  • The program allows you to navigate its home site directly from its interface.
  • It lets you pause and resume your downloads


  • Its main window is not fully resizable: its width won't go below 1033 pixels
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